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Beehive experience for Pandora Shine lands in Sydney

Danish jewellery brand Pandora has launched a new ‘beehive’ experience in Sydney, Australia, to offer a multi-sensory retail space for its new Pandora Shine collection.

The store has been developed by the Melbourne office of experience design agency YourStudio, and was announced by agency directors Howard Sullivan and Tom Philipson during a presentation at GlobalShop in Chicago yesterday.

Cues from Pandora’s geometric honeycomb charm have resulted in the store taking the form of a 5m immersive installation designed to replicate a working beehive. It incorporates ‘humming hubs’ that feature scent and sound, LED panels that mimic the movements of busy bees, and product displays that show Pandora ranges in the scent-infused stigmas of gold-plated flowers. Shoppers are encouraged to discover the items by getting close to the flowers and – like a bee – experiencing their scent.

The Hive is designed to attract customers inside in the same way that pollen attracts a bee, with an alluring visual impact and a meadow fragrance used to entice customers inside. It is intended to appeal to Pandora’s growing customer base, from Generation Z customers who may be encountering the brand for the first time, to millennials who have bought Pandora products before.

Howard Sullivan describes the store as “Instagram catnip” that encourages high levels of sharing on social media with hashtag #PANDORAShine, with numerous photo opportunities in the relatively small space, including a Pandora Shine-themed gif booth.

As customers leave the installation, in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, they are given an edible gold ice cream.

“We wanted to bring the Pandora Shine campaign to life in a way that engages all the senses”, says Glenda Wolman, vice president of marketing for Pandora in Australia and New Zealand.

“Pandora Shine is an exciting launch for the brand, representing the next step in Pandora’s evolution. The Pandora Shine collection, in 18k gold-plated sterling silver, is themed around honeybees. The Pandora Hive is the perfect way to introduce our new accessible high-quality golden jewellery to the Australian market in an innovative and fun way,” she says.

“We create human experiences that connect people through sharing and making memories together. This is a perfect example of this,” adds Tom Phillipson of YourStudio. “Pandora’s Hive is an immersive, multi-sensory installation showcasing the new collection in a really unique way.” 

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