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Cocoon-like video walls for Bloomingdale's pop-up space

Manhattan department store Bloomingdale’s has introduced floor-to-ceiling video walls in its Carousel @ Bloomingdales department – a new curated space that will host bi-monthly pop-up attractions.

The department has its own entrance and has been developed to feel like a standalone boutique. It will be given a new theme every two months. The 10.6m (35 ft) wide video walls have been provided by Montreal design studio Float 4, to allow the creation of an immersive and thematic visual landscape in the department.

“The goal is to create a meticulously curated environment that draws shoppers in with awe-inspiring visuals and ambience,” says Float4 creative director Alexandre Simionescu. “In a normal retail environment, digital content is typically an add-on that supports existing sales displays and decor. At the Carousel, it is the decor. High-definition video walls encompass the entire area; shoppers find themselves immersed in a standalone boutique, surrounded by commodities related to the season’s theme.”

The Carousel’s first theme was Urban Explorer, featuring a selection of products including stylish cycle helmets, electronics, and luggage. The digital content captured live footage from around New York, showing urban explorers using the products on display.

Float 4 will develop six pieces of content for the Carousel’s first year. Each will be approximately 10 minutes long, letting customers experience an entire storyline while shopping. The pieces will use techniques such as mixing action footage and real time graphics.

"As the retail landscape changes, we continually seek innovative ways to engage our customer," says Bloomingdale’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer Frank Berman. “The Carousel allows Bloomingdale's to regularly offer up new products, new brands and an original immersive experience, all tied to a timely and engaging theme. The engulfing screens create a cocoon-like feel, virtually transporting guests to new destinations, while the combination of unexpected product, unique shopping environment and engaging experiences makes the Carousel like no other pop-up shop in the world.”

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