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In-store lighting and temperature top customer wish list finds survey

Lighting, temperature and décor are the most important factors to shoppers when they are in-store, according to a new report.

Business finance provider Liberis surveyed 1,000 consumers about their attitudes to the refurbishment of stores, and how ‘atmospheric variables’ affect their choice of store. It analysed elements including kerb appeal, signage, wall colours, scent, temperature, music, lighting, and decoration.

More than four out of five (83 per cent) of respondents said that they would visit a store if it had been recently refurbished as was aesthetically pleasing, with 41 per cent saying they would be more likely to become a repeat customers.

The study also found that shoppers are more attracted to stores in modern buildings, with signage in a clear font, featuring white walls, and with a clean smell and quiet music. Natural daylight and room temperature were also preferred. In terms of decoration, consumers favoured cultural references, followed by retro decorations, ‘quirky features’ and neon lights.

 “Consumers now more than ever have come to seek pleasure within the process of shopping and will desire satisfying experiences for the entire process of shopping. A good environment is likely to improve the mood and psychology of a consumer potentially leading to increased spending,” says Dr Wssim Ahmed, lecturer in digital business at Northumbria University.

Unpopular features included low light levels, especially when this made it difficult to see product colour or quality.

“Lighting is not all about brightness; it is also about the colour of the lighting. Retailers can keep the brightness of the lighting the same, but by changing the colour and it can produce very different results amongst consumers,” says Dr Gareth Harvey of Laboratory of Consumer Psychology, Bangor University. “When the lighting is warm consumers found the products less arousing, more approachable and more pleasurable than when the products were lit by cooler lighting”. 

Consumers in many large cities agreed that they would become impatient when refurbishments took longer than a week, with social media sharing making this an issue retailers should take into account.

“In 2018, Liberis provided UK businesses with £19m in finding to give their premises a new look and feel – making up 20% of all Liberis’ overall funding in 2018,” says Liberis CEO Rob Straathof. “Social media is always evolving, and in turn is driving customers to shop in new and different ways. Businesses should take notice of this when planning any refurbishment work. We analysed a number of factors to determine which are the most and least important to customers when shopping in-store, and found that lighting, temperature and decoration are key aspects that businesses should look to invest in.” 

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