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A local shop for local people: can large retail chains ever truly emulate agile independent start-ups?

Large retailers have long been keen to emulate the success of small, local, entrepreneurial start-ups.

Driving me crazy: will falling car ownership mean a rethink of retail destinations?

Urban consumers – especially younger ones – are abandoning the car. What does this mean for retailers, high streets and shopping centres?

Death of the High Street: can new store formats and strategies bring back the shoppers?

We often hear the High Street pronounced dead. But is it really in such bad health?

Retail Design World & Essential Retail's 2018 Round Up

Retail Design World and Essential Retail sit down with a mulled wine (or two) to discuss their favourite retail stories of the year and their predictions for 2019.

Are you experienced: What does experiential retail actually mean?

What is experiential design – do we all mean the same thing when we talk about it?

Pop-ups: What is the long-term appeal of the short-term shop?

What is the long-term appeal of the short-term shop- for retailers and consumers?

All change – why retail staff are vital to new store formats

New store formats offer new experiences – and demand a lot more from retail staff.

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