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Middle market crisis: how can ‘squeezed middle’ retailers share the success of discounters and luxury players?

While discounters drive sales and luxury brands prosper, the middle market is looking sad.

Death of the High Street: can new store formats and strategies bring back the shoppers?

We often hear the High Street pronounced dead. But is it really in such bad health?

Retail Design World & Essential Retail's 2018 Round Up

Retail Design World and Essential Retail sit down with a mulled wine (or two) to discuss their favourite retail stories of the year and their predictions for 2019.

Are you experienced: What does experiential retail actually mean?

What is experiential design – do we all mean the same thing when we talk about it?

Pop-ups: What is the long-term appeal of the short-term shop?

What is the long-term appeal of the short-term shop- for retailers and consumers?

All change – why retail staff are vital to new store formats

New store formats offer new experiences – and demand a lot more from retail staff.

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